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All Year, Every Year: Summer. 7" see through green vinyl EP.

100 SEK
"All Year, Every Year: Summer" is the third out of four EPs that we will release this year. It is a see-through green 7" vinyl and limited to 300 copies. 

"All Year, Every Year: Spring" is the third EP taken from Professor P & DJ Akilles upcoming album "All Year, Every Year". The album is divided into four EPs and each EP is named after a season (and released on vinyl influenced by the seasons colors). The EPs will be released throughout the year and if you buy all four you will be able to form the cover for the full length album.

Track list:
7. All Year, Every Year
8. Mind Travel Pt II feat. Promoe
9. So Amazing
+ Additional Instrumental Loops

All tracks produced and mixed by Professor P & DJ Akilles
Bass by Mårten LIndsjö
Mastred by DJ Lo-kut
Released by Pro&Ak HB
Distributed by Ill Adrenaline Records
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